Uncovering Opportunities

  • Build your contracting business from this page up.

    Growing your business can happen either by acquiring new customers or building on the business you already have with your current customers. Yes, it’s much easier said than done but one of the most efficient ways to get more customers is to really please the ones you already have.

    The awesome thing about that is once you turn your current customers into your biggest fans, they’ll start automatically promoting your services on their own—whether it’s socializing on Twitter or Facebook, over coffee, at the local home improvement store or anywhere else people talk about their favorite building contractors.

    Become an authority on siding—and everything else.

    Be an expert resource so that when a client asks about a special kind of siding or wants to refer you to a friend who wants siding, you know exactly how to help them. Royal can be a source for your resourcefulness. If you haven’t already, visit our Product and Installation pages. 

    Of course there is a world beyond siding (even we know that), so it’s important to become a reliable resource for different aspects of building and design. The more you can offer the homeowner from your brain, the more they’ll ask from your brain. And your business.

    Weave siding installation into your bigger story.

    Something like: “Happy with how we put up your hand-split shake? Wait until you see what we do with shutters and decks.”

    Make your customers remember you.

    After the job is done make follow-up calls and come back to fix any issues. If a customer makes a request that seems above and beyond, go beyond it. The extra cost you incur now will pay dividends of customer awe, business and referrals in the future.

    Build a great attitude into every job.

    Make sure your employees and subcontractors are inspired and reward them for great work. People remember folks who can handle the pressures of a job graciously and who take pride in their work. If anyone is disgruntled, ungruntle them or use someone else.

    Convert your work areas back to home areas.

    Obvious, sure. But the biggest impressions are often made when you leave work areas looking like no one was there to install siding, mouldings and trim in the first place.

    Great use of online time: Stay on top of your business.

    How is your company name being talked about on blogs, Facebook and Twitter?

    Search for yourself on trade websites and around Facebook and Twitter. Set up Google Alerts to email you when and how your company name is being used on websites. If you host a how-to blog, Google Alerts can notify you where it’s being posted.

    Enter the right keywords and Google Alerts can also keep you up to date about industry news.

    Gather Your Business Tools

    Hanging siding is as much about communicating with siding customers and building business as it is about, well, hanging siding. Our contractor business resources include installation guides and specs as well as numerous ways to bring the siding process alive for your customers.

    Join Our Social Communities

    Position yourself as an approachable expert. It’s good for business. Connect with new customers and build relationships by sharing everything from siding installation and style tips to exciting new projects. Get great ideas on our Twitter and Facebook pages.