Royal Envelop by Marianne Cusato

Envelop® by Marianne Cusato surrounds any home with affordable elegance.

Royal Moulding & Trim has designed a series of exterior window and door surrounds to add character and style to any home. The Envelop® system combines some of our most popular profiles to create unique, classic, architectural features for your customers’ homes.


    Royal Envelop by Marianne Cusato #1
    Royal Envelop by Marianne Cusato - Simplicity
    Royal Envelop by Marianne Cusato - Royale
    Royal Envelop by Marianne Cusato - Classic
    Royal Envelop by Marianne Cusato - Contemporary



    As its name implies, this surround is built around the idea of clean, uncomplicated design. It is a one-piece casing that includes a built-in back band and a simple drip cap header. While Simplicity creates dramatic shadow lines, its one-piece design also makes it easy to install.


    Another simple one-piece surround, Royale’s casing is a single flat board, with no back band, and can be used on homes of any design. The header is a cyma moulding with a sloped top to shed water, while the one-piece crown allows quick and easy installation.


    A traditional casing design, Classic creates richer shadow lines and its deeper back band allows thicker siding projections than the Simplicity. The casing and back band combine three pieces, and the header is a cyma moulding. Ideal for classic and traditional homes.


    Contemporary has the elements of a traditional Classic casing, but with cleaner lines. Like the Classic design, the Contemporary profile offers rich shadow lines and a deep back band to allow the thicker siding projection to resolve cleanly. The header is a bedmold with a drip cap. This design is ideal for homes with contemporary lines and traditional proportions.

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