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    Why PVC pipe is best for the environment
    PVC pipe is among the world’s most sustainable products, ideal for long-term term use in underground infrastructure. It requires less energy and fewer resources to manufacture than old-technology materials, and its production creates virtually no waste.

    PVC pipe is produced with sustainable and abundant resources: chlorine, which is derived from salt, and domestically produced natural gas, which helps reduce consumption of imported oil.

    Clean and Safe Manufacturing


    A Smaller Footprint


    2 Million Miles of Sustainable Piping


    PVC pipe manufacturing is extremely efficient, with virtually 100 percent of the PVC compound being used. It takes four times less energy to make than concrete pipe, and half that used for iron pipe.

    There are no smoke stacks at PVC pipe facilities and the product is completely recyclable. And the plastic piping industry has an outstanding record, experiencing far fewer injuries and illnesses in every phase of production, on average, than similar industries.

    The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that 2.6 trillion gallons of potable water are lost every year through leaking pipes. The PVC pipe break rate is a fraction of iron pipe break rate—helping to eliminate water loss.

    PVC pipe’s ultra-smooth surface reduces pumping costs. Its light weight and ease of installation reduce transportation and installation costs, yielding further benefits to the environment.

    Studies put the life expectancy of PVC pipe at more than 110 years. PVC pipe’s exceptional durability and corrosion resistance leads to lower replacement, maintenance and repair costs. Proven and extremely durable, there are now more than two million miles of PVC pipe in service throughout North America.

    PVC leads all other piping materials in sustainability. Its durability, soundness, clean and energy efficient manufacture and transportation have made it the material of choice for water and wastewater applications.




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