Rigid Conduit Fittings & Pipe

Royal Electrical Solutions offers a complete line of rigid conduit fittings. Engineered for maximum ease in the field. Our products feature smooth interior surfaces that make wire pulls easy. All products are lightweight, yet offer heavy-duty durability. Our Rigid PVC Conduit fittings are certified for use in above- and below-ground applications. The entire line is ideal for use in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Certified to UL 651.
Rigid PVC Conduit Fittings
Rigid PVC Conduit Pipe
  • Why Royal Electrical Solutions?

    Smooth interior surface makes wire pulls easy. It’s lightweight, strong and resistant to fire and chemicals.

  • How To Install
    Royal Rigid PVC Conduit is easy to install, easy to cut and join and no special tools are required.
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