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    What Royal Building Products’ fittings are stock?
    What does SDR mean?

    SDR stands for Standard Dimension Ratio. The Standard Dimension Ratio is the outside diameter divided by the wall thickness. The lower the SDR Ratio, the thicker the wall will be. Heavy Wall SDR 26 fittings are 34.5% thicker than SDR 35 fittings.

    Why is there a colored gasket retention ring on the SDR 26, SDR 14, and the IPS Gasketed DWV fittings?

    For easy field identification. Green signifies SDR 26, gray SDR 14, and blue IPS Gasketed DWV fittings.

    What are your Monster fittings?

    These are our Ultra Heavy Duty™ SDR 14 Gasketed Sewer fittings with the thickest wall in the industry. They are used in unstable soil conditions and, when used with proper back fill techniques, further assist in eliminating system damage caused by angular deflection or drag down forces due to earth shift and/or settlement.

    Do you manufacture DWV fittings?

    Yes, our Perfect DWV fittings are available in sizes 4” through 24”.

    Do you have 1 ½ in – 3 in DWV fittings?

    Royal Building Products' Perfect Fit™ DWV fittings are ONLY available in sizes 4” – 24”. We do not manufacture 1 ½ in – 3 in DWV fittings nor do we offer DWV fittings that reduce down to 3” or smaller.

    What is the pressure rating of your DWV fittings?

    We do not pressure test our DWV fittings since they are not required by ASTM to be pressure tested. Therefore, our DWV fittings have no pressure rating and should never be used in pressure applications.

    Do you manufacture Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 pressure fittings?

    We do not manufacture these fittings at this time.

    How can I find out the dimensions of a fitting?

    Currently, you can get them by contacting our customer service department at 800-232-5690. They will also be available on our website soon.

    Who can I call for pricing?

    You can call your Royal Building Products’ manufacturers’ rep. If you do not know who your rep is, you can click on the Find Our Products button for a Rep Locator on our website at www.royalbuildingproducts.com. You can also call our factory customer service department at 800-232-5690.

    Who can purchase fittings direct from Royal Building Products?

    Wholesalers and distributors can purchase direct from Royal Building Products. If you are a mechanical contractor, engineer, or user of our fittings please contact us to find your nearest Royal Building Products distributor or go to our website at www.royalbuildingproducts.com and click on the Find Our Products button for a distributor locator.

    Where can I find the carton quantity for a fitting?

    In our printed version of our price book or on our website at www.royalbuildingproducts.com under Price Lists.

    What separates Royal Building Products fittings from the competition?

    For over 37 years, quality and service have been the benchmarks for Royal Building Products' success. With the most complete line of products available in the marketplace today, Royal Building Products continues to set the standard for quality PVC fittings. As a leader in our market, we constantly strive to exceed customer expectations in an effort to earn your business. Quality by Design is not just a slogan; it is the way we view every aspect of our business. We value every order as a privilege and as an acknowledgement of our success and commitment to perfection.

    What other systems have the same outside diameter of Schedule 40 pipe?

    ABS, IPS and HDPE outside diameter = DWV outside diameter. IPS (DWV size) is not equal to C.I. (C900 size)

    Does Royal Building Products have fittings that would fit thin wall pipe?

    Yes, the outside diameter of SDR 35 = the outside diameter of thin wall pipe.

    Is the outside diameter of SDR 35 the same as SDR 26?

    Yes, SDR 26 pipe has the same outside diameter as SDR 35 pipe (the ID or the waterway is smaller). SDR 26 fittings have the same outside diameter) on the body of the fittings (and spigots) as SDR 35 pipe and the same ID on the hub/end as SDR 35 pipe outside diameter.

    Do C900 fittings have the same outside diameter as sewer?

    No, the outside diameter of C900 = the outside diameter of cast iron pipe.

    What does SDR 28 mean on your controlled settlement joint?

    SDR 28 is the CSA equivalent for the ASTM SDR 26 Heavy Wall. Products marketed to meet CSA must be certified as such by CSA. Many of Royal Building Products’ products are CSA certified.  CSA sets standards and certifies that products meet those standards.

    What does it mean that your fittings having triple certification listing?

    Royal Building Products' fittings are recognized for the highest quality standards in the industry. Royal Building Products fittings are third party certified by CSA (Canadian Standards Association), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), and UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code).

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